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The Translation & Interpreting Center is always looking for talented, professional and qualified individuals to join our team. 

Translators and interpreters are preferred to be native speakers and have received their primary education in the said language. If the interpreter’s native language is English, he or she must hold a college degree in the language that they interpret for.

It is preferred that an interpreter is a member of the Colorado Association of Professional Interpreters. Also, it is preferred that a translator is a member of the Colorado Translators Association and The American Translators Association.

It is preferred that an interpreter is Court Certified, if this certification is available in their language.

If an interpreter has less than three years experience in the field of interpreting, he or she must shadow an experienced interpreter on two occasions to qualify to receive an assignment. The contractor will be paid on a scale, which is dependent on their experience

Contractors Criminal Background Check

A criminal background check will be conducted and must show no criminal history before assignments can be given. If a criminal history is found on the background check, a deposition must be given to the TI Center along with an explanation letter. The TI Center will review the criminal background of the contractor and continue or discontinue the contract depending on the crime found and the circumstances.

Communication Policy

It is required that all contractors have access to email to receive and reply to assignment information. Contractors with email are given priority for assignments. Use of a contractor who does not have access to email will be only on an emergency basis. Contractors can use email or fax to turn in the required documentation post-assignment.

Substitution Policy

If a contractor cannot attend an assignment the TI Center staff must be contacted within 48 hours of the appointment to allow the Center enough time to reassign the project and notify the customer of the change.

Supporting Documentation

After each assignment is completed the contractor is required to have the customer review and sign the completed Verification of Services Form.

The contractors invoice requesting payment for services must include the contractor’s name, address and phone number. It also should include the date and time of appointment, the requestor's name and address, the client's name and related case number (if applicable). The amount of time interpreted and the hourly rate should be listed, including a total amount owed.

All required documents must be delivered to the TI Center office, faxed, scanned and/or emailed within 72 hours of the assignment. Originals are not required.

Downloadable forms (link to form- open new window)
Independent Contractor Agreement Form
Contractor Application Form
Verification of Service Form
Follow-Up Request Form
Contractor Invoice Interpreting
Contractor Invoice Translation

W9 Form

Additional Resources for Contractors
American Translators Association
Colorado Association for Professional Interpreters

Colorado Court Interpreters Program
National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translations   

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