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When translating technical documents you need more then someone proficient in the language.  Whether it is structural engineering, chemistry or architecture, technical translation must be perfectly correct.  Only translation professionals with a background in your field will be used to ensure your project is completed accurately.  We understand each field has its own special set of terminology. Using the correct technical name is paramount to reducing time delays, increasing safety and ensuring quality of products and services.

Do you want to send a project out to bid?  Having the correct terminology as well as a well translated document will save time and money.  Our translators have at least 5 years’ experience translating technical documents.

If you have a product and you are exporting it globally, have you translated your user manuals to include information about different outlet types or electrical grounding that may be different from the origin country? 

Have you referenced local standards instead of the origin countries standards? 

Have you changed, included or excluded legal verbiage not relevant to the country where the product will be sold? 

The Translation & Interpreting Center offers professional translators who have mastered the technical language and scientific terminologies of their chosen fields.

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